What Patients say

Just started using ClearPath aligners and it is already working wonders. On my first set now and can feel the difference. Easy to use, hygienic and invisible which is the best part. Speech is a little slurred at beginning but it adapts gradually.

Ms Alison Jane Lobo

Goa, India

ClearPath Case ID: #9112052000554

I have gone for the Clearpath Invisible Aligners treatment to correct my teeth gaps. Today, I came to get my 2nd set of invisible aligners fixed and tested. I'm happy with the care I have received so far from Vasan Dental Care. The aligners are absolutely unnoticeable, and do not in any way affect my routine life. I'm hopeful that Clearpath would enable me to smile more confidently, after I complete the full course of my treatment.

Mr Ravi Sambamoorthy

Chennai, India

ClearPath Case ID: #9114041003696

Estoy muy contento con los resultados. La mayoría de espacios entre mis dientes se han cerrado, y ahora es más fácil cepilarlos porque ahora están rectos.(Translation: I am very happy with the results. Most spaces between my teeth have been closed, and it is now easier to clean them also because they are now straight)

Mr Marcos Castro

Guayaquil, Ecuador

ClearPath Case ID: #59313022200021

Ahora tengo una hermosa sonrisa después de seis meses de trtamiento. ClearPath es muy confortable: Yo no lo noté. Mi familia y amigos creen que ahora tengo más confianza.(Translation: Now I have a beautiful smile after six months of treatment. ClearPath is very comfortable,Noone noticed I was wearing aligners. My family and friends think I have more confidence now)

Ms Katya Morales

Samborondón, Ecuador

ClearPath Case ID: #59313011300013

Clearpath has provided me with a stress free way of correcting my smile, this smile wasn't the same before, I was always shy and insecure to smile in front of the camera, wasn't confident of my looks. One fine day browsing over some possible remedies for my concern over the net, I came across ClearPath. That moment changed everything in my life, with my specialist doctor to address every single concern of mine was fabulous in delighting me in every single way. Now even though my journey with ClearPath is half way thru, I can still smile ignoring my fears from the past.

Mr Prakash

Hyderabad, India

ClearPath Case ID: #9113062902018

I was never happy with the standard expression I used to give in each and every photograph taken along with family and friends. Friends started calling me a canvas face simply because I could not smile like the others did. The real reason was my insecurity in relation to my misplaced teeth, was lacking confidence in myself. Then I made up my mind to get the root cause corrected and I consulted my nearby dentist, he recommended me ClearPath Aligners, and now I am a totally changed person in every other snap. Thanks to ClearPath for giving me the joy of smiling on all cherishable moments of life.

Mr Amit

Bangalore, India

ClearPath Case ID: #9112091802449

Just started using ClearPath aligners and it is already working wonders. On my first set now and can feel the difference. Easy to use, hygienic and invisible which is the best part. Speech is a little slurred at beginning but it adapts gradually.

Ms Alison Jane Lobo

Goa, India

ClearPath Case ID: #9112052000554

I grew up in a family of doctors, in my teens I realized that my teeth were not in proper shape, for which I consulted one of the leading doctor who specializes in straightening of teeth. He said I would have to wear metal wires in my mouth; I was not that comfortable with these ugly looking wires, moreover since I was into contact sports like basketball and football this option was a painful affair. Continued living with these out of shape teeth until I came across this new technique of invisible aligners (I believe that’s what they say in medic terms). These aligners named ClearPath had a detailed patient education material, pros and cons and what not on their website. Went into one of the recommended clinics and got myself these custom made clear aligners. I am 26 now and I believe the long wait from my teens till today was worth it.

Mr Tushar

Mumbai, India

ClearPath Case ID: #9112050101756

I have just started my professional career. I was very apprehensive and conscious of my irregular and crooked teeth. Since the private sector demands confidence and an extrovert learning self, I was afraid that I may not be able to give my best to my work and not be able to socialize well with the team. I decided to switch to braces to fix my teeth however, despite spending a handsome amount on ceramic braces my agony only grew in size. Apart from the discomfort, gradual yellowing, bruises on cheeks & lips, it is also inconvenient to clean them and stay hygienic. It saddened me all the more when I realized, my colleagues and friends had started looking at me with indifference. Then I switched over to ClearPath aligners, and to my wonder all the agony of braces had gone. I must say that our generation definitely needs an effortless alternate to the ugly and inconvenient braces and ClearPath has definitely proven to be a blessing for me.

Ms Rashika Dogra, 22F

Public Relations Executive

New Delhi, India

ClearPath Case ID: #9114010302071

I suffered from malocclusion since my early teenage days. The only option to treat irregular teeth was wearing the metallic braces. Since I was an active member of the extra-curricular activities, debates and sports in school, I was always on the forefront. The metallic braces were painful, distracting and make me so conscious of myself that i started to opt out of debates because of the way braces made me look, sports because of the injuries and it also started to hamper my studies as I had immense headache and pain during treatment with braces. Then, my orthodontist told me about Clear Aligners in my 4th appointment for braces. I loved the idea and right away decided to switch to them. I am on my 10th aligner now and can see visible changes in my teeth alignment. Moreover my extra-curricular activities & studies are unaffected now. I also got selected as the Captain in my school. Thanks to ClearPath!

Ms Nikita Sharma

17FStd XII, Ryan international SchoolNew Delhi, India

ClearPath Case ID: #9113010203065

I had gaps in my teeth, I was been suggested by Dr Smilez Group of dental center for Clear Path aligners, I found it something different and advanced and I tried planning my treatment center since I am frequent traveler I could not go for any other braces. Now I am happy and with my treatment with Dr Smilez dental and Thanks for Clear Path. I agree and really happy to see my teeth with perfection. Ashok: 9789831273.

Ms Ashok

34M Chennai, India