Struggle with Braces

You can’t talk properly

Because some of the words sound funny when you speak with braces on.

You can’t eat fast

Chewing takes forever.

It can come off anytime.

Out of the blue, the braces can get loose which means an emergency case of Point No. 4!

Favourite food items are a complete no

No chocolates, no chewing gum. They get stuck in your braces.

Regular visits to the dentist

As if the braces weren’t hard enough as it is!

Constant ridiculing in school or workplace

“Hello Mr Metal Mouth!”

All your photographs suck

All your photos from that phase of your life will look uncool because of your braces.

It can hurt anytime, anywhere

This isn’t always the case but you never know what can happen to your braces and you’ll have weird aches in your mouth.

Sporting activities are dangerous

Imagine getting hit in the face with a football!